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Labriz Dive Center

At Labriz dive centre, we are dedicated to giving our divers unforgettable experiences, whether it be a guided dive or a diving course, we are committed to making sure you have wonderful memories with us underwater.

Located within the national marine park, we are a perfect destination for beginner and experienced divers. Our sites have depths of 10 til 30 meters, featuring unique granitic topography and rich diverse marine life.
We go out to dive twice a day and provide night dives on request subject to the weather conditions.

Come and visit our shop within the dive centre featuring an array of watersports products and handmade crafts from local artists

For bookings, call us from your villa on EXT 731 or text us on Whatsapp: +248 260 66 44 



Are you a certified diver and want to dive in the turquoise waters of Seychelles?



Dive into a world of wonder with Kids Diving! Introduce your little adventurers to the magic beneath the surface!

A try dive is a short, supervised scuba diving experience to try out diving before committing

Plunge into the enchanting depths of the underwater world! Snorkeling is your gateway to the mesmerizing aquatic realm beneath the waves.

Immerse yourself in exhilaration, let the wind tousle your hair, and embrace the adrenaline rush of our wide array of watersports experiences!

  Whether you're a seasoned diver or a new explorer, our shop is stocked with everything you need for an epic underwater journey plus much more!

Try Dive





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