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Try Dives

A try dive, also known as a discover scuba diving experience, is a thrilling opportunity for beginners to explore the underwater world under the guidance of a certified dive instructor. During a try dive, participants receive a basic introduction to scuba diving equipment and techniques before venturing into shallow waters. It's a fantastic way to get a taste of the underwater experience, marvel at marine life, and gain confidence in the art of scuba diving, all within a controlled and supervised environment.

Discover Scuba

2100.00 SCR

Discover scuba is a non-certification level diving experience which involves a briefing and a pool session.

Discover Scuba Diving

3450.00 SCR

Discover scuba diving is a non-certification level diving experience which involves a briefing, a pool session and one dive in the sea with a PADI dive instructor.

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All prices are inclusive of 15% VAT and 5% service charge.

Excursions are subject to weather and sea conditions. Excursions are subject to a minimum number of guests.

Cancellation policy: 50% charge is applicable if activity is cancelled less than 4 hours before meeting time, 100% charge is applicable for no show or cancellation less that 1 hour before meeting time.

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