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Island Conservation Society

Founded in 2001, The Island Conservation Society (ICS) is a Seychelles based NGO. Currently, ICS is stationed on five islands; Silhouette Island, Aride Island, Alphonse Atoll, Desroches and Farquhar Atoll. ICS works on the conservation and restoration of the unique ecosystems of Seychelles, their sustainable development, awareness of their vulnerability and vital importance at a local and regional scale. 

In partnership with Hilton Labriz Resort & Spa and the Island Development Company (IDC), ICS conserves and safeguards the unique biodiversity of Silhouette Island.


You are very welcome to visit the ICS office and learn more about the natural treasures of Seychelles or join in on their adventures! The ICS office is opened from Monday till Friday from 8:00-16:00. 


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