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General Information

Corals and Shells

As per Seychellois law, it is not allowed to export any of these items, unless they are purchased from a shop (receipt to be kept as proof).

Nudity or Topless

Since we are a family-friendly resort, nudity or going to public places topless, is not allowed.


All our villas are non-smoking. Smoking is only allowed on the terrace.

Tap Water

Tap water is drinkable, although we advise only using it for boiling, cleaning, showering, and washing.


Since we are on a tropical island, mosquitos might be found, especially during the night. Please make sure you keep your villa door closed as much as possible. You will find an anti-mosquito plug in your villa, as well as skin repellent (extra charge).


Drones are not allowed on the entire property in order to protect our guests' privacy. Guests can fly drones on secluded beaches such as Anse Patates/Lascas, Grand Barbe, Anse Mondon, and Ramaste Tout.

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