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Are you up for an adventure? Join ICS on their patrols, where you will see extraordinary wildlife!


The granitic islands of Seychelles are home to two native animal species, both of which are bats. Meet the enchanting inhabitants: the large Seychelles fruit bat, often known as the Flying-fox (Pteropus seychellensis), and the captivating Seychelles sheath-tailed bat (Coleura seychellensis). While fruit bats can be seen flying through the trees, the Sheath-tailed bat is far more cryptic and intriguing. There are less than 70 people in the entire population. The IUCN lists the considerably smaller Sheath-tailed bat as 'critically endangered' and considers it the world's rarest bat. Silhouette has the biggest single roost of this species, with approximately 32 individuals. ICS works hard to monitor this population through research and education to reveal some of their ecological secrets and save the species from extinction. 



Silhouette is home to some of the nation’s largest Aldabra giant tortoises (Aldabrachelys gigantea). Living for over 150 years and weighing up to 250kg. The juveniles and sub-adults can be seen in the hotel's naturalistic tortoise sanctuary, where ICS staff care for and monitor them. Once they are large enough and no longer vulnerable to the threats of invasive predators, they are moved to live a fully wildlife with the true giants of Silhouette on the western coast around Grand Barbe village. 

Reptiles & Amphibians 

The geographical isolation and geological history of Silhouette Island have resulted in exceptionally distinctive biodiversity, particularly reptiles and amphibians.  The islands' unique montane mist forests are home to five endemic frog species, one of which is the Seychelles palm frog (Sechellophryne pipilodryas). It is unique because it is not just one of the world's smallest vertebrates, but it is also located only on Silhouette Island. Furthermore, with fewer than 2000 individuals surviving in the wild, the island is home to the largest populations of the disappearing indigenous Seychelles tiger chameleon (Archaius tigris). With a height of up to 16cm, this master of disguise might be tough to spot but always provides a breathtaking appear.  ICS invites you to join them on their monthly night monitoring go to Jardin Marron at sunset to monitor these magnificent species and make unforgettable memories!  



Every year, a timeless ceremony unfolds: a heartfelt homecoming of two beautiful sea turtle species, which come to nest on the island’s pristine beaches, the endangered green turtle (Chelonia mydas) and critically endangered Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata). 

a mesmerizing spectacle unfolds as the sea turtles gracefully emerge from the shimmering waters. The turtles move onto the beautiful beaches of Silhouette Island, where they begin their difficult work of nesting. Each attempt is an endurance battle lasting hours as they thoroughly create their sandy havens. As the weeks pass, the beaches of Silhouette become home to the turtle hatchlings. These baby hatchlings leave their imprints on the beaches where their lives began and when they reach maturity, they will return to the same beach from which they emerged to nest. 

ICS performs regular beach patrols to monitor turtle nesting attempts. During the peak nesting season (October-March), ICS invites you to join them in this vital work and if you are lucky, you may experience this extraordinary lifecycle first hand!


Remember to respect nesting turtles, as loud noises, flash photography, and any disturbance can cause the nesting female to return to the ocean without laying her eggs.

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