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For your Safety & Security

Sea Red Flags

The flag in the sea is placed by the reef and it is always red as it symbolizes that guests are not allowed to cross the reef for their own safety. Also, you will be reachable to our lifeguards between these two flags.

Beach Yellow Flag

The surf presents a medium hazard, water current is moderate. Swimming should be done with extra caution.

Beach Red Flag

The surf is extremely dangerous due to the presence of big waves, strong rip currents and other dangerous conditions. Swimming is not recommended.

Swimming at Night

For safety reasons we recommend not to.

Fire Assembly Points

We have 2 assembly points in case of fire, you can find them at Reception and at the Activity Center.

Hiking without a Guide

Hiking without a guide is not allowed. There are certain hikes that can only be done with a guide who knows the way. Please, see more information here.

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